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We welcome you on the homepage of Planungsgesellschaft m.b.H. – Dinslaken (PGD).

We are an engineering company that has been active in the fields of plant engineering, pipeline, steel and tank construction as well as mechanical engineering for more than 45 years.

Our qualified and experienced employees accompany your projects throughout various stages: preliminary design, detail engineering and construction supervision.

We use various CAD programs for the 2D / 3D design and construction.

Our customers are well-known companies from the iron, power, heat and steel industry as well as companies from the chemical and plant engineering sectors.

Our history at a glance

Business areas

Industrial plant design and pipeline construction

All information and contact to our business area “Industrial plant design and pipeline construction”

Steel- and tank construction

All information and contact to our business area “Steel- and tank construction”

Mechanical engineering

All information and contact to our business area “Mechanical engineering”


All information and contact to our business area “Calculations“

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Careers & Jobs

Good employees are the basis of a successful company. We are always looking for interested people – persons who are enthusiastic about their work.

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